Road Closures

Planning Your Visit

Brogdale Place/Brogdale Road

Work on 16 May in Brogdale place for approximately two weeks. Engineers will be working on the Brogdale Road, they will need to close the road from the M2 Bridge to the junction with London Road and then the junction of Whitehill to the M2 Bridge. This work will last for approximately five weeks.

Porters Lane/Whitehill

From 30 May for approximately four weeks, Porters Lane will be closed from the junction with Brogdale Road to outside property number 4. Work will also be carried out on Whitehill, which will be closed from the junction with Stalisfield Road to the junction with Brogdale Road for approximately six weeks.

Eastling Road/Stalisfield Road

Work will be carried out on Eastling Road between the junction with Whitehill to outside number 1 Green Lees, and Stalisfield Road from the junction with Eastling Road to outside 1 Brook Meadow Cottages. Closed from 13 June for approximately three weeks.