It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Winter 2019 at Belmont House and Gardens is an exciting time!  The gardens are being lovingly restored, and in some areas redesigned by renowned Garden Designer George Carter, with the Belmont Gardening and Forestry Teams on the ground bringing it to fruition.

One of the initial improvements will be the redesign of the visitor car park to include an Ilex aquifolium hedge. This will provide a natural wind break and sense of direction to visitors. It will also be a beneficial wildlife habitat. This hedge will follow on down the access drive to the Stable Yard, with visitors able to have a tantalising glimpse of the Victorian Shell Grotto.

The Victorian Pinetum is embarking on a healthy 21st Century botanical make-over. This has included; removing carefully selected self-seeded deciduous trees, raising the established coniferous and evergreen tree canopy’s and finally taking out dead, diseased and damaged specimens to allow for healthy new growth.

These essential changes will allow the beautiful healthy specimens to have more canopy and root space to grow.  It will also provide more space to plant a new Picea breweriana and Cupressus microcarpa.

The impeding Leylandii x cypressus has been felled, allowing more light into the garden and ensures our wonderful Ginkgo biloba and Sequoiadendron gigantium are not overshadowed.

The Victorian Shell Grotto has been uncovered and will be returned to its former glory.

Look out for more changes as the redesign takes shape throughout 2020, with the ‘Pinetum’- Rockery and ‘Study Garden’- Rockery restored, and our famous ‘Coronation Walk’ having seating areas incorporated with the provision of views to our fantastic wider Belmont Estate.