Coronavirus (COVID-19)



Belmont House, tearoom and gardens will continue to remain closed until further notice; but for the avoidance of any doubt this will include all group visits, events, workshops and cricket matches scheduled up to 1stJuly 2020.

The latest HM Government announcement makes it clear that we will not be able to re-open Belmont before then. The Trustees are continuing to monitor the situation closely, but we will only re-open when it is deemed safe to do so – our sole priority being the health and safety of visitors and staff so any re-opening is likely to include appropriate self-distancing measures to ensure that lives are protected.

We are sad and very disappointed that our visitors will be unable to experience the House and gardens together with the wide variety of events that were scheduled for the early part of the summer; however, in the meantime, we hope you will continue to enjoy our updates via our newsletters and social media platforms.

We look forward to welcoming you back to Belmont soon; but for now, stay safe and our warmest of wishes to you, your Families and for your good health.